exhibition, graphic design. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the youth welfare office, from January  24th to February 11th, 2017, an exhibition with the title „Forever Young - Für immer jung“, organized by the bachelor’s degree program Informationsdesign from the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum, was held at Designforum Steiermark. By reason of this, every student had to design a poster dealing with the individual perspectives regarding the issue of youth and family. I for one, wanted to address the fact that, especially in early years, young people often struggle with the process of finding one’s self. Due to this, I illustrated the phrase „We all get lost sometimes“ in a chaotic composition, making it a visual metaphor for the troubles almost every adolescent is subjected to. Moreover, not obviously salient, once, the word „lost“ was dropped, a visual ambiguousness with the intention to express that, often, these inner fights are only „visible“ on closer inspection.

Social media infographic flyerSocial media infographic flyer